Dexion Bug[ edit ] When I showed up, Dexion was outside the magic barrier fighting the vampires. Took me a minute to realize that he was supposed to be inside it, hence the "deactivate the magic barrier" step in the quest log. I sent him on his way to Fort Dawnguard, then went to peophet the barrier, which caused him to register as hostile and turned into an endless loop of me kicking his ass, because the conversation option was no longer available. Had to reload and do the quest chay in the proper order.

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Had to reload and do the quest sequence in the proper order. I want to follow Him and do His will and become more like Him. Although we felt unprepared and inadequate, we accepted the call.

But when I spoke to Dexion, he had no option to read the scroll, only to chat about its background. What do I do? They testify of Christ and His divine mission on earth. Once it does, the 3rd topic disappears forever from Dexion's conversation tree. My dear brothers and sisters, wherever you may be, I would like to express my sincere and deep thanks for your sustaining vote yesterday. If you can confirm others, I'd definitely be curious to hear about it!

Also, the last objective 'Talk to the Moth Priest' never appears at all. Once you started talking with Dexion, do not exit the conversation until he starts reading the Scroll. Tried daytime and night, i assume i must be missing one but certainly a pain.

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They represent the mind and heart of the Lord and are called to represent Him and teach us what we must do to return to live in the presence of God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Also, if you desire, you can contact the prophet via WhatsApp. I've propyet all over where the location of the cave should be and I've found nothing--there's not even a cave location appearing on my compass.

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Sniffles talk14 March GMT Whiterun Innkeeper also gives info[ edit ] I'm not familiar with leaving comments on wiki's so forgive me if I input this incorrect. Feel free to reword further if you think it needs improving.

I've merged the three versions and marked it as a confirmed bug. Something seems to be off the rails here.

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I have never seen anyone more kind and loving than he is. For now, I'll update the statement to include both Hulda and the Vinius'.

Our answer was a big yes, and we started making the arrangements immediately. I love Him; I adore Him. I forced the quest stage forward to the point where I need to go to the cave but propnet quest arrow points me in the direction. Brothers and sisters, from the bottom of my heart, I testify that the prophets speak by the power of the Holy Spirit. Anyways, at least in my game, on PC with the Unofficial patches I was able to get directed to dragon bridge by the Innkeeper in whiterun.

A very nice lady met with us there.

Chat With A Prophet: by Nobody: pm On Oct 19, Ephesian 10 He that descended is the same also that ascended up far above all heavens, that he​. Also, You can get your Prophecy via Chat!

AM JUST LIKE A PROPHET WHO PRAY FOR found-here.info IT WORKS FOR found-here.info CAN THANK ME WITH ANYTHING IN RETURN. I love her with every ounce of my heart, and I am grateful for the positive influence she has had on us. Sniffles talk2 February GMT They both are around comparable distances, but the circumventing the mountain ranges could almost double your travel time. You could go chum it up with the guy who was trying to chop your head off, get yourself a spiffy set of Imperial armor and explaining things to Tullius, get yourself a pass to Cyrodil and dig up your own moth priest.

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He told us that we had only six weeks before we started the mission. If you talk to Isran first, it bugs out the priest's dialog. Xbox player — Uned comment by 2. Since Dexion becomes hostile basically after rescuing him, it's probable that something going not-quite-right in terms of order of events is what's causing the bug. I humbly say these things in the sacred name of our Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

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Killerchronic talk26 April GMT So i gave up asking, finding the "crash" by yourself has the same effect as being told it seems. Its likely you attacked or hit him accidentally and this carried on although having not had the same issue i can't be sure. Our most important concern at the time was to obtain the visas required to serve in that country because, according to past experience, we knew the process took six to eight months to complete.

So "innkeepers in the major cities" probably just means the five major hold capitals, which is what one would expect.

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Also no idea what rechieved is i can only assume you mean retrieve, however misspelling 4 times is rare when it doesn't even sound close. She has been an example of goodness, love, and total devotion to the Lord and for me and my family. Asking Serana did not produce anything useful; asking Isran again got me directed to the crossbow project. You need to do this before the quest objective 'Report to Isran' updates in the background.

We returned there four weeks later, received our visas, and landed in the mission field within the six weeks, as a prophet of the Lord had asked us to do. It is comforting to know that we are not alone in the world, despite the challenges we face in life.

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Thank you, President Nelson. Killerchronic talk26 April GMT Cave location bugged[ edit ] I showed up where the attack scene should have been but nothing was there no vampire body. I have found a better solution. SonGoharotto31 July UTC The bug that was posted originally in this edit was later completely rewordedand from the those two and this one, your details and workaround give the most information and make the most sense.

Barring anything evidence to the contrary, I'm assuming that Hulda and the Viniuses are the only ones.

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We prepared the documents required for the visas, took our three young children, and went to the consulate as fast as we could. Ivan the Vandal talk19 October GMT No not at all, bugs affect gameplay this is merely a graphics glitch at most. It is a smartphone messenger Prophetic Power! Killerchronic pro;het26 April GMT Dexion dialogue bug[ edit ] When releasing Dexion from the forcefield, he says two lines of dialogue.

Perhaps to hire a carriage chaat Or rather, he's supposed to, but for me, his second line of dialogue "But my master is dead, and his enemies will pay! We are blessed as we exercise our faith and follow their teachings.