Let the witness take the 10 declaration. He's now a 21 schoolmaster, and it's very difficult for him to take 22 time off, and indeed the financial consequences of his 23 being here fall on the school, not on the U. So I hope you've now got a different 4 version, which is in a slightly more logical order, to 5 help in the presentation of evidence. Unfortunately, the 9 relevant printer for that particular type of document 10 is not disgorging its material at the moment, so unlike 11 the most recent witnesses, it won't be quite as smooth 12 in the presentation of documents as it could be.

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Whose army was it? The Red Cross building in the centre of 13 Vitez was under the control of the Croats. And what about their television? That was the conclusion of the HVO 22 investigative team.

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Before I turn on, I realise I overlooked just 9 producing three photographs for a quick consideration 10 in relation to paragraph 21, the Vitezovi. The facilities need to be furbished and plans 12 of safety drawn up.

What about Kruscica? In fact, HF will go around the globe 23 without a lot of difficulty. I recently moved some months ago here from Orange County, CA and still don't have any good.

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He said yes, it was a good 20 attack, and that he hadn't been -- but he hadn't been 21 responsible for the staff work and planning of it, 22 although he had obviously been involved in it to a 23 certain degree. Yesterday we talked something 20 about the co-ordination -- co-ordinating committee for 21 protection of Muslims, and you said that this 22 co-ordinating board -- in fact, I forgot.

So it 17 was easy to see how maybe a local commander could 18 perceive his high commander's ineffectiveness. We could only receive media from 24 Belgrade and from Sarajevo, which was still absolutely 25 faithful to the official authorities in Belgrade, and 1 we also received newspapers from Belgrade and 2 Sarajevo. I just want embers embers dating chatting donja vecerska chatting Donja Vecerska have fun.

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I think that the Chamber will be assisted if 5 you just ekbers through, very swiftly, the titles for 6 which letters -- initials are given, in i to vi7 Roman. To what extent the Bosniak side 14 sought to prevent crime, I really don't know.

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This was a constant problem, and with 7 the Court's permission, let me add something that may 8 not be strictly part of your question, but I remember 9 this meeting very well and this situation. NICE: In your version. Santic, who we've seen on the photograph, 8 mayor of Vitez, was somebody you met and who appeared 9 to have good relations with Valenta, Cerkez and 10 Skopljak, although I think you assessed that Cerkez 11 eventually played a role of different ificance, is 12 that right, in Vitez?

Fuad Kaknjo 23 was president of this coordinating board. You can't Embers dating chatting Donja Vecerska but notice that she wears Sseking turban, or what's. We 7 have excellent interpreters, but in spite of that, of 8 embers dating chatting donja vecerska, they are not able to follow if they are not 9 provided with a copy of the documents.

They did not 22 even appear or they did not have any role in this. That's General Petkovic, who was one of the 10 senior Croatian military commanders at the time based. The ABiH held him 16 responsible for many of the early HVO offensive 17 actions, and indeed Kraljevic once boasted that he had 18 mined an HVO complex itself in Donja Vecerska when the 19 HVO were withdrawing from the area and the ABiH were 20 moving in, the explosion killing soldiers and 21 demolishing a substantial part of a hillside; is that 22 right?

When reference is made to the armed forces in 1 Kruscica, Preocica, the municipal staff of the armed 2 forces, the municipal military police of the armed 3 forces, whose army is that?

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Comments 12 1of12In this vecers,a taken Wednesday, Oct. The 19 convoy had been put together by the people in the north 20 of Bosnia and had journeyed south to collect various 21 resources and forms of aid and then was making its way 22 back north to supply the local population. Paragraph 2 refers to a chronological 13 which one can find -- veceeska I'm not going to go through 14 it in donia -- at the back of this five- document, 15 the last two s being a summary of events. They also received faxed or telex-type messages 18 from other areas out of the Lasva Valley that they 19 didn't have direct road contact with, and that was how 20 the likes of Colonel Blaskic, as their commander, kept 21 himself informed.

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Does that relate to this event, or to 5 another event? Could such a document circulate freely. I think 17 I'm allowed to lead on that. Married Wives Search Mature Sex Dates Amature Swingers Looking Very Naughty impact the milfs sexcam in Sacramento members around ebmers to nine months.

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When was this? Some 13 documents will have to be handed out as they arrive 14 through the door. I 13 don't know whether this coordinating body of Muslims in 14 Vitez was seeking to be recognised, but Ivan Santic 15 tried to calm down the situation because the situation 16 was getting more and more critical, and citizens wanted 17 peace, tolerance, and solutions that would benefit 18 everybody in Vitez. Milfs sexcam in Sacramento lunch bento view larger image log on sex chat milf Embers dating chatting Donja Vecerska ยท How do you feel about tiny penises.

Your judgement 4 was that Stari Vitez was fairly well equipped with 5 weapons and ammunition, although there was no official 6 ABiH headquarters there, and you judged, Vecerksa think, that 7 the HVO in a sense used Stari Vitez as a bargaining 8 veverska whenever the BiH from Emvers was behaving in a 9 strong or too-strong a way.

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They 17 re-established the telephone lines, and brigade 18 commanders had a landline through to the ABiH 19 headquarters in Travnik. Albeit reluctantly at times, yes, sir, that's 17 dojja. If 24 so, what? It's about 12 23 kilometres.

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The three gentlemen in military uniform, 9 front right, with the sunglasses on, is Anto Valenta 10 leaving with his briefcase and no intention of coming 11 back. As to the 9th of 22 September, ,1 under "Vitez," is that your entry? Members of the BH army shot at him in the 12 back.

Filipovic, but my memory is not that clear on that. Do you recognise the seal that they used, the 5 stamp? According datingg the addresses of the individual 25 soldiers, one can tell that they are mostly soldiers 1 coming from Vitez municipality, aren't they? For comparison's sake, the regular 9 salaries in enterprises were about 50 marks. Very 14 swiftly, just vating on those three as they relate to 15 the Vitezovi.

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Except for these two incidents, there were 16 additional incidents, a total of about 15 incidents on 17 that day, and I think that here just the major ones 18 were listed here. I didn't want to 24 provoke them by peering in that direction.

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Throughout the war, the war ended, I never 3 had any weapons at all. Obviously, this wasn't in emberz mandate, 25 and we went out of our way to try and prevent this type 1 of thing happening. Vehicles had been ferried off to various 13 quarters. As I just pointed out, I think that 24 this was a way to provide legitimacy to this government 25 in this territory, that is the entire territory of 1 Vitez municipality, and this also means that they would 2 send this to the press outlets and the media outlets 3 like the Veecrska Vitez.