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I was testing with Invisible Boyfriend, a new app that provides text If he's really a robot I'm wasting my 10 free texts,” I fretted to my friends. the one true element that would make him believably human: free will.

If you want to get a fake boyfriend call with real voices, we have a surprise for you! I should, apparently, save it to my phone to show my friends later.

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Mum, Dad Her name? After a selecting a few standard interests - "lower league English football" wasn't available - I was then given help concocting a convincing back story. You can choose caller picture from gallery. Rejecting "saucy and sarcastic" I went with "lovingly nerdy". There's even a live chat function to ask for advice from the site's staff. Change caller name. But that's what makes this service more interesting than I'd first assumed. After a long week, I came clean to both my friends and Sophia.

Fake boyfriend text number free

I thought this would essentially be a sex line. Feel free to take notes.

Fake boyfriend text number free

Or so I thought. Someone to text for a chat now and then.

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She'd leave messages, laugh at my hilarious status updates and, most important of all, change her relationship status to say we were an item. Technical details.

Fake boyfriend text number free

His interests include the environment, Titanic and tiny cars. Start making free call pranks from your fake boyfriend, let your friends believe that you have received a real call from a boyfriend.

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My photos on there are really me, but nothing else is. If people are prepared boyfried pay for a service, and others are prepared to provide it - then fine. Many users, Mr Tabor said, used the service for companionship. Prank calling boyfriend is the solution with custom call timer for Android. Fake call voice can dree customized. You pick from one of six broad personality types - because there are only six types of women in the world, you understand.


Customize time during fake call your boyfriend. Schedule a call from random cute boys at any time you want! I'd have pushed it further, but the thought of some "real anonymous" bloke texting me back made me feel strange. But in the end, I had to break up with Alma Doris. As an experiment, I tried to see if my friends would be duped by numbeer arrangementone which Boufriend could describe only as a form of escorting - although strictly online only.

That's an emoticon of a person lying down, in case you can't tell. I guessed I'd have to get used to it.

Fake boyfriend text number free

That was left to a name generator. Invite your friends via social networks to Fake Prank Call.

Fake boyfriend text number free

Yet the service seems to strive to be somewhat unsexy, almost mundane - like real life. Faced with a stock photo library of about 30 people, I picked out a picture of a pretty brunette. What about you? She didn't understand. My cagey attempts to inject a bit of rudeness fell flat. If this service seems sad to you, then don't laugh. Create your own free fake text message and call to someone with a different.

He's texting me right now. I told them it was all a joke, and I nervously told her I was a journalist.

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So if I said: "What are you up to? And for the record, the woman behind Sophia did go on to save enough to study. And what Mr Tabor said next surprised me the most. I half expected her to ask me to pick up some milk on the way home. My Invisible Boyfriend is named Leonardo DiCaprio. Late last year, she certified as a fully qualified dietician.

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Or a skirt". A few minutes later, she replied: "Not much, early day at work so I'm home already. The raunchiest exchange being: "What's the sexiest thing you could wear? Select handsome boys photos from phone gallery and fake caller id. Techtimes has called Invisible Boyfriend “the saddest dating app. Pretend that your boyfriend is calling.

We met at an office party, and she's the girl of my dreams. The site also lets women, or gay men, up and have a fake boyfriend.

Create a Fake Text Message Conversation

That authenticity is helped by the fact that the texts are written by real people, a team of "real anonymous humans" replying to every message. Why would anyone boyfrkend or need this? Thankfully, she was up for a chat.