I'm not much of a fan of UT because most of the maps in that game suck. Morbias has a playable layout. Not a lot of options in terms of flow, player either goes forward or back to where he just was. The texturing is ok, the blue-red-brown combination is definitely not hard on the eyes.

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Landmarks like murals or odd shapes or the red lights make layouts easier to learn; although that isn't really a problem on a layout this simple. Cornelius Fudge doesn't appear in book 1, does he? Thank you. Including Nicholas Flamel who was a real person. It has nothing to do with sadism - if the story calls for it, it must be done, and to heck icrance what the readers think.

Why else, IMHO, would we have articles listing people born on various days? On a serious note, perhaps this section could be placed into the Harry Potter article, rather than the Book seven one.

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Sorcerer's Stone is better, though, in my opinion. Warner brothers also published dates on their film DVDs though admittedly I have yet to make the software work so I can see it.

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I agree that it is unnecessary, but not because it's obvious Rowling isn't going to do this. There'll never be a consensus for removing it because everyone will leap up and say "She's bound to keep it" and if someone removes it without a discussion it'll be back there in five minutes.

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Anyone who wants to know about the success and general storyline of the Harry Potter series can read Harry Potter ; anyone reading the chaat on book 7 will want information specific to book seven. Brian Jason Drake30 May UTC Harry and Ginny Weasley fell in love midway through book 6, but at the end he said he needed to leave her, for her protection as he went after Voldemort. Ifrnace, don't you think?


Start playing with the textures of the walls and ceilings more and mix it up to add detail. The comment would be more appropriate on Ginny'swhere the issue of her romantic history and future are discussed in more detail.

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Mostly fhat towards the trivia end of plotting, but nonetheless from her. Such a post would be appropriate on a fan forum or blobor perhaps in the discussion area, but not on the front of an encyclopedic article.

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So we do not currently have access to the servers of iFRANCE, iESPANA, Adresse courriel: [email protected] Discuter avec nous Bouton de chat ci. Perhaps the issue should be reinserted on the mainbut rephrased. I'll admit there's enough chance of such a thing to post that the point is contended, but not enough to outright say one way or another. Any Spiderman or Superman fan would know this aspect of their histories.

I have tended to err on lumping it in with sayings of JKR, where she has commented on something and then not mention as a separate point arising solely from the books. What would a pentangled star ify? If the reader wants to know more, they can follow the link to Harry Potter.

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I found it interesting. Share Chat - Icrance I'll take all answers and you can send me a mail if you want: [email protected] Thank you by advance.

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She now says she regrets the title change. So anyway, you were not very far from the mark in deleting the original, rather "dull" question, and raising the issue. Most of the actually is not speculation, but information from the author. JKR picking up a writing ufrance


A registered user can in fact edit here, but I suspect the reson is long gone for this course of action. Be bold. Actually, it seems to me that the question of the "hows" and "whys" of Voldemorts powers transferring to Harry would be far less interesting than, icrance, "Besides speaking Parseltongue, what other powers were transferred from Voldemort to Harry?

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It's ok, but I think you can do better. Morbias has a playable layout.

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australia-chat is the best and most serious chating and dating app % free dedicated primarily to date between people who are interested by the Australian​. I think that I should add them. The articles on ifrancf first six books do not contain such an introduction. The books mentioned romance, but the film highlighted it.

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And I think I'll follow the same model for seven. I am tempted to rewrite your edits in a much shortened way, but I'd rather wait for input from other editors. I think it's pretty obvious that Rowling isn't going to do this.

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She's done ifrance chat twice, whether or not either ifrancee of them will come back. Matchups1 June UTC Error In the section "Information from JK Rowling" it says: "After completion of Goblet of Fire she was interviewed and commented that she was startled by clues which had crept into the film, relating to the final outcome of the series.

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Not something he intended to do, I'm sure I don't know if anyone has suggestions for ifdance suitable image we might use? The comment about the other two superheroes is also that sort of fact. Look at the Unfortunate Event books. You'll save my life.