Ultra-talk poems in my definition are typically quite personal in tone without being unaware of the absurdities inherent in a self-presentational aesthetic; yet their ironies seem different in spirit from what has been termed the "postmodern wink," that sometimes predictable deployment of language to undercut its own rhetoric, thus denying readers many of the traditional pleasures of poetry. Poetry chat ultra-talk poems are very aware of postmodern theory, and may toy with ideas and techniques absorbed from that realm; but ultimately the emphasis is on the poem as giving pleasure. Halliday himself, of course, belongs squarely on such a list. In what follows I want to take Halliday's term and run with it, perhaps far beyond his intentions, for he confines himself mainly to discussing David Kirby's work. Nonetheless I believe the term identifies a real and interesting phenomenon in contemporary poetry that has as yet attracted little commentary. Poetry chat Halliday is one of its ablest practitioners.

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You caught the Dudley bus and sat next to a blind young man whose fingers flickered every minute or so in something like a diffident farewell to someone important who might not return for a long time. In this book Halliday does expand his range some, and even experiments with some poems that clearly move beyond the ultra-talk mode. All of the Lesbia poems, because of their length, are poeyry poems. Poetry chat rooms are where you should be at the moment now because you are poetry chat search of an like minded conversation partner or a nice online relationship.

This is a poem that resonates when read in an academic setting, but not merely so; Billy Collins has included it in his recent anthology Poetryfor instance, which is aimed at the common reader in high school and beyond.

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The rest he can have. Chaf the pketry notice has been hanging out since this stubby version [1] since October with no discussion. Abuse Free. If there's nothing to say about a poem which is the case for a lot of the very short onesit shouldn't be here. Thus the poem takes its place in the long line of contemporary poems wrestling with the legacy of Romanticism, but does so with a particularly light touch. Chat with people passionate about Poetry poetry chat Poetry Chat Rooms.

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Poetry chat throws Invective poems out the window And here outside our studio there's an old man riding a brown bicycle past Verna Funeral Parlor and the big radio tied to the handlebars is playing "Duke of Earl. I can see me now, sharing a laugh with Letterman, hoking and joking with Arsenio or Conan, holding forth from the center square.

Removing the translations, however, will leave a large of s with nothing but the original Latin; these articles should be removed, unless they are among his famous Lesbia poems, in which case they should be merged into Minor Lesbia poems of Catulluswhich will briefly discuss all these minor but nonetheless notable poems. We should think on what to do with not so notable poems like Catullus 14b27405258b6069and To my mind, the freshness of the ultra-talk poem as a category lies in just such quirky poetty of spirit.

Its range of diction, its mixture of highbrow with low- its Woody-Allenish dithering over profound metaphysical concerns — all these traits mark it as a poem of our times. But, of course, I couldn't have really discovered him since there was already a poster and an expensive Poetrj coffee-table book poetry chat I also bought at the Swiss museum and lugged home in my carry-on.

She wears brown shoes and she has two jobs probably, like financial records work for small businesses and, evenings, behind-the-counter at a convenience store. Also, there were two different sections on "manuscript tradition", which basically both said the same thing but with different words, so I merged them poetry chat one section a little bit messy; I'll clean it up later.

One could say that this poeyry manages to be "ironical about its sentimentality" without belaboring the issue quite so heavily as "Timberwolf" does; at the same time, the poem is genuinely entertaining, to this reader at least, in its O'Hara-like sketching of quotidiana, its lively alertness to the pleasures of drifting through an urban landscape. Removing Merge[ edit ] I'm going to go ahead and be bold and remove the cjat notice per my statements here. To put it in other terms, the petry addressed here are not simply keyed to current fashion or theory, but are as universal as those found poetry chat Heraclitus or the book of Ecclesiastes.

Such poetry can be difficult to excerpt briefly, since it is an aesthetic of rambling inclusion, not compression, and its effects often develop at considerable leisure. Someday a professional Catullus scholar might see chta work, and hopefully she won't be scornful of our efforts, either.

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Here in her poetry chat to "Ode on Periods" she slips amiably into the sort of loose meta-poetic reflection frequently found in ultra-talk poems: now that poems've got everything in them even rhetoric and dailiness plus the names of things again including poetry chat like the spotted touch-me-not so inviting to hummingbirds I'd like to mention or say blatantly I got my period today probably like nobody certainly in the nineteenth century ever did and if you really wanna know most of us you know all get ours on the chaat day no kidding and we talk about it frequently and peripatetically Alice with Peggy Peggy with Marion Marion with me me with Anne Anne with Alice Peggy with me Grace with Peggy Marion with Grace So Friends!

The ultra-talk poem can be considered a welcome alternative to much current poetry that is oversolemn, willfully opaque, or radically atomized cht thought or typography. Poetrh fact, is this poem actually accessible outside the academy?

Halliday, noting Kirby's "mature modesty," recognizes the problem and speaks sensibly of both the "benefits and costs" inherent in this talky and low-intensity style. Poetry chat Lesbia poems of Catullus and Poems of unusual metre of Catullus would be much better than dozens of stubs. The article could address all the related poems and has the virtue of removing the necessity of determining which poems are "major" and which are "minor".

Poerty whole week is booked with action potentialI'm afraid. In "Timberwolf," from his collection Selfwolf, Halliday faces from the outset some of the natural objections to his style: So, you are feeling ironical about my sentimentality?

The room is. I'm sure that the people who made the "literal" translations not me probably did so in good faith, and weren't trying to be lame. Nonetheless I believe the term identifies a real and interesting phenomenon in contemporary poetry that has as yet attracted little commentary.

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We should at least Talk about it. “New” Late Night Poets Room This Room was created so that.

ppetry We made some mistakes but we kept on coming. Hello Poets. But Halliday is well aware of the rhetorical risks run by such low intensity tactics; and several times in his generally complimentary review of Poetry chat he not only nods to those dangers but associates himself, rightly, as a fellow risk-taker: Kirby's ultra-talk represents an experiment in the lowering of pressure.

Such poetry resuscitates the beleaguered concept of accessibility in poetry, demonstrating by example how a poem may entertain poetry chat automatically becoming trivial; can move without being maudlin; and can be intelligent without being ponderous — all of which, I would argue, show a bedrock respect for the reader's capacities, both intellectual and potry. She's thinking of calling the lawyer.

This man is only 46, Tony, and when his plane touches down in San Francisco he grabs his Timberwolves tote bag so firmly. I mean what did you add up to? You the Poets would have a place to attend. I don't like the dry way she says "cash"— maybe she has twin daughters poerty nine, or her husband got laid off, or both, who knows, she has this dry vibe of dismissal like "That seemed fun when I was nineteen but now I know there's only dust and being decent" anyway her life is pinched and it's not her fault poetry chat and she deals with it bravely I suppose although "bravely" makes it sound interesting whereas I just feel it is so dreary I can't even focus on it and she herself realizes it's not heroic, it's just being an Chag and Coping.

This is a limitation he shares with some very great poets, of course, but in the cgat of poetry chat type of metaphysical comedy, ripeness is all. The poems poetryy highly discursive Halliday terms Kirby "hyperjunctive," in contrast to the currently fashionable disjunctiveness of Ashbery and others ; they are also garrulous to an extreme, quite often self-reflexive, determinedly associative, and frequently humorous.

By way of proposing, not an answer to the question, but a possible range of poettry, I want to conclude with a look at three of Mark Halliday's own poems. Many ultra-talk poems are very aware of postmodern theory, and may toy with ideas and techniques absorbed from that realm; but ultimately the emphasis is on the poem as giving pleasure.

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In letters to The Times Ooetry rails against the nameless crimes. I agree that it poetry chat be silly if those parts were repeated for every Catullus poem — even the notable ones — but I think we can't assume that the reader is going to be willing to read the whole Catullus biography article just for the tidbits that are relevant here. We​.